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Patients engagement


  • Online Booking

    Making booking an appointment at patient fingertip, patients are in control for their own demographics having flexibility to choose from available providers times slots.
    Engaging patient with their own visits administration process reducing pressure on front desk and call center staff.
    Online Booking designed to empower patients with seamless and e client access to their information. appointment scheduling. The patient Booking Portal offers patients the flexibility to book, reschedule, cancel appointments.
    in addition to lab results and discharge notes.
    Online Patient portal provide a user-friendly interface that displays diverse clinic options, available doctors, and convenient dates/times.and its integration with the practice Information System for real-time information synchronization.

  • Patient Mobile App

    Patient Mobile Application "meticulously designed to provide patients with seamless access to a wide spectrum of healthcare services and information".
    -Interactive tools to keep users engaged and having individualized care.
    -Access to vital information.
    -Administration and appointment scheduling management.
    -Third-party integrations.
    -The nearest facility can be suggested to the patient.
    -Patients feedback.

  • Patient Portal

    Linked4med patient portal truly deliver the meaning for patient engagement to the level where patient having access to their own medical records on both individual and family Appointment management & registration.
    Active allergies and critical medical conditions information available for the patient wherever and whenever they need it .
    No need to print out when all needed clinical, financial and administrative information available online for downlead, share and print at patient convenient.
    -Patient visits history.
    -Patient medical history.
    -Lab results.
    -Radiology reports.
    -Pharmacy orders.
    -Online consultation.
    -Family member's access.
    -Emergency access.
    -Public health awareness.

  • Provider Mobile App

    The Provider App emerges as a beacon of innovation in healthcare technology, designed to seamlessly integrate into the workflow of healthcare providers.
    This robust mobile application, developed with a focus on e ciency and enhanced patient care, equips providers with a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize their practice.


    Luminous ESS is an application designed to increase the e ciency of the workforce. Designed for both businesses and employees, this app simplifies attendance tracking and order processing, ensuring smooth operations within the workplace.

  • Survey4Health

    Community engagement is one of key source of improvement for environment and better mankind living. Survey4Health is the right tool to keep your community updated and informed with the things that matter. Survey4Health is a web technology built by local and regional e orts and experience to meet the need with consideration of industry international standards and tailored to fit with local requirements and cultural factors.

  • SMS Integration

    We have a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that is designed to simplify the process of integrating SMS into any system.
    -Engage your patient with their visit activities starting from reminders, social events and outcomes of their visit.
    -Making sure that recall appointments are not missed anymore.
    -Raise awareness and engage with patients after visits for post treatment care.
    -Generate financial bills via SMS.
    -Quality Assurance based on automated feedback capturing via unique survey link carried by SMS Upon visit completion.

Patients engagement

We offer a platform that combines real-world scenarios, simulations, and expertly written content to bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical learning. Our immersive educational experience supports educational institutions by providing students with hands-on training and interactive learning opportunities.