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AI, Radiology & PACS (Picture Archiving & Communications Systems)

Our picture archiving and communication systems are highly configurable and scalable, used in a wide range of facilities from small imaging centers to large multi-site hospitals worldwide. These systems are robust, reliable, and designed to be user-friendly with features like integrated DICOM modality worklists, and consistent electronic radiological record systems. They optimize radiological archiving and can be scaled to meet the specific needs of any hospital or imaging center, offering technical support in local languages.

In the field of dentistry, our PACS systems leverage award-winning medical imaging technology to manage dental images and workflows efficiently. These solutions are designed to enhance clinical performance and patient experience through advanced tools that automate charting, detect pathologies, and facilitate patient education. The integration with practice management systems ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow, providing a seamless experience for both clinicians and patients.

Our AI-powered dental radiology solutions elevate clinical performance and patient experience by automating various aspects of dental charting, periodontal charting and analysis. These tools help detect and analyze radiographs accurately, educate patients effectively, increase patient treatment plan acceptance and streamline dental charting processes. The integration of advanced business analytics allows for improved decision-making and optimized operations, detecting missed dental work & ensuring high-quality care and enhanced patient outcomes.

Our comprehensive radiology information systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of hospitals and imaging centers. They offer tools for optimizing radiological workflows, ensuring accurate diagnosis and analysis, and providing seamless integration with other systems. These solutions are trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide for their reliability, flexibility, and ability to support advanced medical imaging and radiology needs.